1. Troyhand said:

    Click to access Extract_FBI-files_NAMBLA_1979-86.pdf

    FBI File – NAMBLA 1979-86

    [Page 202]

    Laboratory Work Sheet

    To: SAC, Indianapolis (145B-778)

    NEW YORK, NEW YORK 10018;

    FBI FILE NO. 145-5920
    LAB. NO. 20216023 D SK
    YOUR NO. b6
    Examination by: b7C

    00: New York

    Items 72 + 73 added to NAMBLA folder 2/19/82

    Examination requested by: Indianapolis

    Reference: Letter dated November 30, 1981

    Examination requested: Document

    Specimens received: February 16, 1982

    NI – Item 72
    NAMBLA Bulletin, Vol. 2, No.8, for October 1981,
    published by NAMBLA, P.O. Box 174, Midtown Station,
    New York, N.Y. 10018

    NI – Item 73
    ****NAMBLA letter to membership dated October 27, 1981****

  2. Troyhand said:

    FBI Evidence from NAMBLA newsletter about London bookstore raid 1n 1984

    Click to access Extract_FBI-files_NAMBLA_1979-86.pdf

    FBI File – NAMBLA 1979-86

    [Page 498]


    Child Porn was published in the USA, up
    until about the mid-1970s and the Child
    Porn HYSTERIA reached its peak in about
    1980. The Child Porn HYSTERIA was started,
    and promoted, by those political-types who
    saw that they could use it to their

    By the early-1980s, these political-types
    were finally forced to realize that they were
    beating a dead horse. SO THEY INVENTED A
    NEW ONE! And that is how the HYSTERIA
    over Child Sex/Abuse was born.

    Who hasn’t heard about McMartin Pre-school?
    The media has had a field day (and they’ve
    made some MEGA-bucks with it along the
    way!). But how many (outside the L.A.
    area) know about the THREE other
    pre-schools, that were located in the same
    town as McMartin? These three pre-schools
    were raided, months after McMartin, and
    those raids were covered by the media in
    order to have some BIG/sensational headlines
    (and to get some huge profits). NOTHING
    was found during these raids, but all three
    pre-schools were thereby put

    The political-types in England attacked, and
    destroyed, the Child Porn industry in their
    country several years before it started
    here. They then attacked, and destroyed,
    the English pedophile organization called
    “P. I. E.”, even though the PIE newsletter
    never had any porno pix of kids in it!
    Homosexual groups didn’t lift a finger to
    help PIE. If anything, most of them went
    out of their way to help destroy PIE. They
    deluded themselves fatally with the hope
    that their joining the attack would make
    them more socially acceptable.

    The Child Porn HYSTERIA has pretty well
    run its course in England and the Child Sex
    HYSTERIA started there before it started

    On April 10, 1984: English officials raided
    ****GAY’S THE WORD, London’s most respected
    Lesbian & Gay bookshop**** and “detained” all
    of its imported stock. On August 1, they
    seized copies of “Le Gai Pied”, the French
    national Gay newspaper. On October 8, they
    seized 132 titles and well over 2,000 books
    – including works by Jean Paul Sarte, Jean
    Genet and Gore Vidal! They have done
    everything possible in order to destroy this
    bookshop. I assume that English Homosexuals
    are now painfully aware of the fact that the
    political-types in their country ARE out to
    destroy them!

    It does not matter who/what you are, if you
    value your freedom – you must FIGHT BACK
    with your MONEY now! The following
    “radical” entities need your help now. At
    least send them $1 for more information.

    ****:Defend Gay’s The Word Campaign, 38 Mount
    Pleasant, London, WC1X OAP, England.****

    :Committee for the Rights of Children and
    Families, POB 4503, N. Hollywood, CA, 91607.

    :Family Nudist Magazine, 2483 Emerson So.,
    Corona, California, 91720, USA.

    :NAMBLA, POB 174, Midtown Sta, NYC, NY,

    :PAN, POB 3496, NL-1001 AG Amsterdam,

    : If you don’t help these entities now –
    later” will only be too-late…. for YOU!

  3. Troyhand said:

    Daring to Find Our Names: The Search for Lesbigay Library History

    [Page 91]

    By 1985, ALA [American Library Association] was ready to take a stronger stand on a case of actual rather than anticipated censorship. England’s only gay/lesbian bookstore, ***Gay’s the Word, had been raided in 1984 by British customs officers who arbitrarily seized as “obscene and indecent” quantities of books and periodicals imported from Giovanni’s Room, one of the largest American gay bookstores and a major distributor of gay/lesbian materials to Great Britain and other countries****. The manager and director of Gay’s the Word were up for trial for criminal conspiracy. In the resolution we proposed, we were asking ALA to criticize a foreign government. So we sought and got endorsements from no less than seven sub-groups of ALA, including two international-relations groups. After the resolution passed, ALA wrote to the British ambassador in Washington expressing “concern . . . about the restrictions on access to information in the United Kingdom” because of the raid on the London gay bookstore.

    The one section of ALA we could always count on to support our actions was our parent group. the SRRT. In addition, SRRT was as generous with money as it could be….

  4. Troyhand said:


    Gay’s The Word is the only specifically lesbian and gay bookstore in the UK. It is located in Bloomsbury, London. 2014 marks the 35th anniversary of the founding of the store, which first opened its doors on 17 January 1979. Inspired by the emergence and growth of lesbian and gay bookstores in the States, a small group of people from Gay Icebreakers, a gay socialist group founded the store in 1979. Various locations were looked at including Covent Garden which was then being regenerated before they decided to open the store in Marchmont Street. Initial reluctance from Camden Council to grant a lease to the bookstore was overcome with help from Ken Livingstone, then a Camden councillor, later Mayor of London.

    From the very beginning, the shop has been used as a community and information resource for lesbians and gay men. A large seating area at the back where friends could have tea or coffee or check out the free noticeboard detailing various gay organisations and forthcoming events was very popular….

    When the shop was founded 33 years ago, gay books weren’t generally available in ordinary bookstores. The early newsletters listed the few radical bookstores in the country where gay books were available and Gay News had an excellent and pioneering mail order service. The gay movement at this period in the United States was particularly vibrant and stimulated an immense amount of literature with many small publishing houses being established. Gay’s The Word had to import in a large part of its stock from the US as not enough gay books were published in the UK. Lesbian and gay publishing houses which were later established in the UK include Gay Men’s Press, Brilliance Books, Onlywomen Press and Third House.

    In 1984, Customs and Excise, assuming the shop to be a porn store rather than a serious bookstore, mounted a large-scale raid and seized thousands of pounds worth of stock. Works by Tennessee Williams, Gore Vidal, Christopher Isherwood and Jean Genet were among the books seized. Directors were eventually charged with conspiracy to import indecent books under the Customs Consolidation Act 1876. Unlike the situation with the Obscene Publications Act, which governs literature published in the UK, the Customs Consolidation Act 1876 does not provide for a literary or artistic defence of titles that HM Customs and Excise have seized under this Act. There is thus a discrepancy between the law which applies to books published in the UK (Obscene Publications Act) and books which have been imported (Customs Consolidation Act) which makes possible the apparently contradictory situation where it would be illegal to import a book which could quite legally be published. A campaign was set in motion and the charges were vigorously defended. A defence fund was set up and raised over £55,000 from the public. Many well-known writers also gave their support and Gore Vidal donated £3000. Newspaper articles appeared, various MPs visited the shop and questions were asked in the House of Commons.

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