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    POLICE KILLER IN SEX SPY PROBE (News of the World, 18th July 1982)

    The name of triple killer Barry Prudom was startlingly linked last night with the Cheltenham spy probe.
    Some MPs were speculating that Prudom—shot dead by police a fortnight ago—could have been connected with leaks from Britain’s top secret communications centre in the Gloucestershire town.
    The scandal, which earlier yesterday acquired sinister overtones of sex and blackmail within the secret service, threatens to rock the Government.
    In the Prudom case, police uncovered a series of coincidences that led them to think the killer could be a spy.
    SAS reject Prudom gunned down his first victim, policeman David Haig, 20 yards from a major U.S. Air Force communications centre at Harrogate, Yorks.
    His second victim, George Luckett was murdered close to RAF installations at Girton, Notts.
    And Prudom was later hunted in the area around the Fylingdales early-warning station in North Yorkshire, which is linked to the North American Air Defence Centre.
    Meanwhile, MP’s anger mounted over allegations that a “mole” has been operating at the Cheltenham centre.
    Labour backbencher Arthur Davidson said yesterday: “Rumours in Whitehall are rife.
    “They have sex overtones and involve blackmail payments.”
    Pressure for an urgent statement by Mrs Thatcher follows the appearance of 44-year-old taxi driver Geoffrey Prime in court on Thursday, charged with passing information likely to be useful to an enemy.
    Former Defence Minister James Wellbeloved, SDP MP for Erith and Crayford, said the implications of a security breakdown at the centre were very grave.
    “That establishment is shared with the United States,” he added.

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