UK connections with international paedophile network Spartacus

Spartacus, which during the 1980s was being run as an international paedophile network, has already been linked with Elm Guest House.

The following extract is about an ex-PIE member called Roger Lawrence, who fled to Holland in the early 1980s and joined Spartacus, presumably at around the same time as ex-PIE leader Steven Smith. Lawrence used several aliases, and was arrested in his car at Dover in 1987 with notorious Swiss paedophile and sadist Beat Meier. The car was searched, and along with a large collection of child abuse films and magazines, the police found a three year old boy hidden under a blanket. The boy was called Dimitri Thevenin, and had been kidnapped from his parents’ house in Paris. Unbelievably, Roger Lawrence wasn’t charged and was allowed to go free.

Police found that Meier was wanted for sex offences against children in Switzerland, France, Holland and England. “The English charge sheet revealed he had buggered a young boy in the Huddersfield area”. Beat Meier was sentenced at Leeds Crown Court in January 1988 and received just 18 months, the minimum sentence possible. Judge Raymond Dean QC explained that Meier would be deported to Switzerland as soon as possible, police in Zurich had already taken out a warrant for his arrest for alleged offences against twelve boys and one baby.

Beat Meier’s name also came up during the Marc Dutroux case in Belgium, as did the name of Spartacus boss John D. Stamford.

sp1sp2sp3sp4sp5Extract from ‘Child Pornography’ by Tim Tate (Methuen, 1990)

  1. bluetreemarie said:

    If you search the wikileaks cables you will find at the very least more information on Marc Dutroux. Use general search terms like pedophile or paedophile.

  2. MURUN this connects sparatcus coltfsfoot to the SILESIAN CATHOLIC ORDER ..On 20 May 2011 Herman Spronck, the head of the Dutch arm of the Salesian Catholic order, confirmed to RTL Nieuws that a priest under him had been on the board of MARTIJN until the Van den Berg raids. He added, “Of course we reject this and distance ourselves from this personal initiative.” RTL obtained interviews both with Spronck and the priest (73-year-old “Father Van B.”) in which the two defended adult-child sex as not always damaging.[13] The priest concerned has prior convictions for child sex abuse.[14]

  3. John Stamford has been trying to sell “Coltsfoot” press and PAN magazine for $50,000 to $100,000 to American buyers. I am enclosing for your information a letter to a man here who was considering the purchase of these “suspended” magazines.

    source: Letter to P. de Jong [edit] ****(Martijn Association)**** from Teddi B. [edit] (Nambla); 2 June 1990

  4. P. Fabey said:

    This is utter rubbish. I was the officer who dealt with Meier in England. He was charged with indecency with children. Due to his time served on remand he was deported immediately and I took him back to Zurich. We knew he was arriving in England and notified Customs who then claimed they had found the child having searched the car by chance.

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