Paedophile headmaster abused boys on sailing trips

This isn’t the first time yachts and sailing trips have come up in connection with paedophile networks, see also:

Azimuth Trust – bogus charity set up by paedophiles as pretext to abuse vulnerable children on sailing trips

Ecole en Bateau – earlier French version of Azimuth Trust, connections with Azimuth Trust

Rev. Jan Knos – the paedophile vicar outed by Geoffrey Dickens, owned two ocean-going yachts

And of course Jersey, where several survivors have talked of being ‘loaned out’ to wealthy yacht-owning paedophiles.

Notice that the school isn’t mentioned in the article which is unusual, perhaps indicating that the governors managed to stop the name being published. Will try to find more about this.

Daily Express, 30th April 1986


  1. cassandracogno said:

    St Albans Crown Court and Whippendale Woods, Watford, Hertfordshire would suggest the locale of the school in question? Apparently not – below suggests a North London school. Following the location of Colin Peters in Chepstow Road, the PIE Release office in Maida Hill, the Kilburn & Willesden ring involving Peters, Malcolm Raywood et al, the BBC Maida Vale studios, the Maida Vale location where Lord Lambton was caught on camera with adult female prostitutes, Victor Beaumont and Alan ‘Fluff’ Freeman’s flats in Maida Vale across the road from Granville Road baths in Kilburn, I’d wager the N London School is going to be somewhere w/i 2-3 mile radius of any of these points plotted on a map.


    “MAGISTRATE BASIL ELISTON was jailed for five years by St. Albans Crown Court charged with nine offences of indecently assaulting boys. Eliston was also Headmaster of a North London School. It was heard that he often persuaded boys to play fantasy games involving nude canings, bondage and ice cold baths. It was stated that he hoped ‘gift’ payments to the boys would ensure secrecy, and it was said he paid over £300 for this. He was tailed by Police and finally caught with one 15yr-old boy in his car at Whippendale Woods, Watford. Police raided his home and found pornographic magazines of boys along with a school cane and various ropes for bondage.”

    No reference for this snippet from here

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