Islington Council care worker abducted 13 year old boy and took him to France

Margaret Hodge was leader of Islington Council from 1982 to 1992, when it was reported in the Evening Standard that every one of its children’s homes had been infiltrated by paedophiles. She immediately left Islington Council for a highly paid City job, but not before she had dismissed the reports as “sensationalist gutter journalism”.

She recently tried to explain her total failure to protect children in care from paedophile rings, prostitution, and trafficking by saying “All that happened when we didn’t really understand child abuse in the way that we understand it now. This was the early 90s … It was only beginning to emerge that paedophiles were working with children, in children’s homes and elsewhere”. (Guardian 27/04/13)

Margaret Hodge blasts HMRC over tax hotlineThis is untrue. There were several major children’s homes paedophile scandals in the local and national news long before 1990 including Tyneside (1976), Kincora (1980), Leeways (1985), not to mention numerous cases involving paedophiles working as priests, teachers, scoutmasters, and other professions that have access to children.

And there were serious warning signs right on Margaret Hodge’s doorstep during her time as council leader, including a well publicised case of a 13 year old boy who was abducted from an Islington Council children’s home by a residential social worker.

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  1. zoompad said:

    The Military Secret Services find vulnerable children very useful in so many ways. Theres a saying about training up a child in the way you want him to go. The Military Secret Services can train what they arrogantly consider to be useless souls to trained assassins, to do their filthy work. Why else would so many police and judiciaries be blatently ignoring institutional child abuse all over the UK?

  2. zoompad said:

    The blasted Staffordshire Probation Services kept sending ex cons round my house (even though I specifically told them not to, and I was told that I was being mean, “not in my back yard” was said to me, when I complained about them doing that. But I explained that it wasn’t even helping the ex cons them doing that, and why didnt they help them properly instead, give them a shop or something? NOT send them door knocking on vulnerable peoples doors!
    Well, they took no notice, and it wasnt until I started telling the ex cons they were sending round all about Pindown child abuse and the Secret Family Courts and Joanna Simpson Blake’s nefarious activities that they stopped that little caper! They didn’t want their young lads that they have deliberatly criminalised finding out all about that sort of stuff!

  3. zoompad said:

    Joanna Simpson Blake is the odious ugly old crone the Secret Family Court gangsters sent round to my house to force me to have “therapy” for allegedly having Parental Alienation Syndrome (which was invented by the American paedophile Richard Gardner) I found out afterwards that she works with Stafford Probation Service, with ex criminals.

    I have no criminal offence at all, the only reason I became involved in Stafford Police and Social Services was because I was raped as a child and tried to run away!

  4. zoompad said:

    I didnt want to fill in the Census because I was so afraid of the American Military organisation Lockheed Martin having access to all my personal information. I had big burly men – they looked like policemen – hammering on my door, to bully me into signing those papers. I had to do as I was told – or else! That is they way I have been treated for years and I think it is disgusting.

  5. zoompad said:

    I’ve had men in cars sitting parked up outside my home. I’ve had my phone mucked about with. I’ve just been reading about Hilda Murrell, and I’ve had the same sort of treatment Robert Green and his wife have had from the police. The police know damned well how us Pindown victims have been treated – they’ve covered it up, allowed us to be persecuted, libelled me as a “mentally ill attention seeker”. And its true I have mental illness – PTSD – thats because of all the persecution I have had to endure! But I am sane, I am not a paranoid nutter – its them who have made me ill with PTSD – its their fault!

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