1. Troyhand said:

    The Sydney Morning Herald – Mar 24, 1981
    The double life of sex case diplomat

    LONDON, Monday – The double life of Sir Peter Hayman, as “Peter Henderson”, named last week in connection with a child pornography case, can be traced to some time between October, 1974, and October, 1975.

    He retired as British High Commissioner to Canada in September, 1974.

    The electoral roll for Kensington and Chelsea shows that “Peter Henderson,” the name used by Sir Peter, moved into a flat some time between October, 1974, and October, 1975.

    “Peter Henderson” appears on the register complied in October, 1975, and continued to appear on another two registers.

    He left the flat some time between October, 1977, and October, 1978. It was as “Peter Henderson” that Sir Peter received material through the Paedophile Information Exchange.

    Investigations show that Sir Peter was excluded as a witness in the child pornography court case although statements were produced from two other men who had received material from him.

    The two statements were among those from 13 men submitted to defence lawyers before the committal of Thomas O’Carroll, the chairman of the Exchange, and others in 1980.

    One of the men was called at Wells Street Magistrates Court and said that 111 pages of material had flowed between him and “Peter Henderson.”

    The court was also given a list of 11 men who had been dealt with by the police or who were awaiting action.

    The men came to police notice as a result of raids on 18 addresses.

    The list noted that Sir Peter, as “Peter Henderson” had been cautioned. Two other men were awaiting court action or decisions but the other eight were among the 13 who made witness statements.

    The director of Public Prosecution’s Office said on Friday that there had never been any intention to call Sir Peter. He had made a statement under caution to the police but had never made a witness statement.

    The DPP spokesman said: “The people we decided to call were called because they were advertisers.” Only six people were called and that was all counsel thought necessary.

    Of approximately 250 names and addresses of members of the exchange, a sample of 18 was seen by police. All, with one exception, were found in possession of obscene or indecent material relating to children.
    (AAP-The Times)

  2. Troyhand said:

    The Glasgow Herald – Aug 23, 1983
    Ban child-sex group, says MP
    Interpol joins hunt for boy’s attackers

    Interpol was yesterday called in to hunt for the gang who kidnapped and sexually assaulted a six-year-old Brighton boy. It was asked to co-ordinate the search in Europe for a large, left-hand drive car with German-style number plates.

    Meanwhile, Tory MP Mr Geoffrey Dickens threatened to start a backbench revolt against the Government unless it banned the Paedophile Information Exchange, the group which advocates sex between adults and children. He said he would not be “fobbed off with replies that the present law is adequate to protect children.”

    The car Interpol is looking for was seen near the scene of the boy’s abduction, around the time he was kidnapped, by a middle-aged woman who was visiting her mother in Upper Lewes Road. The car almost ran into her while making a bad turn from a side road.

    Detective Chief Inspector Geoffrey Randle, who is leading the hunt for the boy’s attackers, said the witness recalled seeing three people and a little boy in the car.

    “The driver was a big man with dark hair and the front passenger – the witness is not sure whither it was a man or a woman – was fair,” he said. “In the back of the car was a teenager and the little lad, who the witness recalled as having fair hair.”

    The descriptions of the people in the car broadly tally with descriptions of three suspects who were seen in the sweet shop at the same time as the boy earlier in the evening. Mr Randle said the car, whose number plate had black figures on a white background, had obstructed traffic as it tried to turn into Upper Lewes Road from Canterbury Drive and had bumped on to the pavement.

    A police spokesman said details of all 92 cars that sailed to Dieppe from the Sussex port of Newhaven early last Monday morning, after the attack on the boy, would be checked.

    The SNCF ferry Valencay left just over two hours after the boy was dumped on the outskirts of Newhaven. About half the cars were British-registered and the rest had foreign registrations.

    Sussex police are ready to send detectives to the continent if any trace of a car and passengers matching the descriptions of the gang is found. Yesterday the ferry crew were being interviewed by officers who wanted to know if they remembered anyone matching the descriptions.

    Mr Dickens, who is MP for Littleborough and Saddleworth, after posting a letter on the Paedophile Information Exchange to Mr Leon Brittan, the Home Secretary, said yesterday: “I really mean business this time. This corrupt and evil organisation must be outlawed.

    “And I am warning the Government – my own Government – if I get fobbed off with replies that the present law is adequate to protect children, then I shall whip up a backbench revolt against the Government to do something about it.

    “Public opinion now demands action. I have now thrown the gauntlet down to the Government and there will be a massive row if they do not act.”

    Mr Dickens, in his letter to Mr Brittan, said: “Public opinion requires action on this subject to protect the little children of this country from these evil people.

    “Sir Michael Havers, QC, the Attorney-General, in a written reply to a parliamentary question from me, conceded that within the PIE organisation were people obsessed by the death of children by sexual torture. Every parent and grandparent, against the background of recent terrible events, is expecting action.”

    Meanwhile the victim of the attack is gradually getting over his ordeal. WPD Terry Micklam, the officer specially trained in dealing with child abuse cases, and who has become closely involved with the boy, said: “His state of shock is decreasing.

    “He is quite a happy little boy now, but there are times when he is unhappy and thinks about what happened. He doesn’t appear to be visibly suffering at the moment, but during the time I spend with him he does talk to me about what happened.”

    Rewards totaling about £55,000 have been offered for information leading to the arrest of the boy’s attackers. The figure includes £20,000 offered on Sunday by an anonymous London businessman.

  3. Troyhand said:

    The Glasgow Herald – Aug 19, 1983
    Vital clues to boy’s assailants

    Police yesterday issued descriptions of three men they want to interview about the brutal sex attack on a six-year-old boy.

    They foolow vital new evidence from a witness which the detective leading the hunt called “our biggest break so far”. Photofit pictures of the three wanted men are expected to be released today.

    The witness, Mr Laurence Jarvis, 33, served the men in a tobacconist’s shop in Brighton on Sunday only seconds after he had served the boy.

    The men left their car outside, parked with two wheels on the pavement. Police believe the boy may have been seized by the men after they left the shop.

    He was subjected to a terrifying 90-minute ordeal before being dumped by the kidnappers five miles away at Newhaven.

    The witness’s description were: One man aged about 30 with a scarred face, about 5ft. 11in., large build with “beer gut”, very dark long hair, in dark shirt and trousers. The second was about 25, 5ft. 10in., medium build with brown hair, wearing metal frame glasses, and dark trousers. The third in his early twenties, about 6ft. with styled and layered blond hair, thought to be the driver, wearing a white shirt and fawn trousers.

    The reward for information leading to the arrest of the three attackers reached 31,500 and was still increasing yesterday.

    Brighton police said a fund had been set up for the boy following many inquiries about donations.

    He is still in hospital, having been so badly abused that he had to be given a general anaesthetic for treatment.

    Police hope the boy may be able to remember enough of the incident to provide vital evidence. A policewoman has been assigned to gain his confidence.

  4. Troyhand said:

    Guardian – 25 February 2014
    Hugh Muir’s diary

    • The Mail’s fire-branding of Harriet Harman, Patricia Hewitt and Jack Dromey for failing to apologise for supposed “links” to the Paedophile Information Exchange back in the 70s continues. But what is worth remembering is that this tiny group was then operating quite openly, giving quotes to the press and being tolerated by the police, the director of public prosecutions and parliament. The Mail did a fine job infiltrating the Moonies, but seems to have ignored the group purporting to counsel paedophiles and protesting about prison officers putting razor blades in its members’ soup. Perhaps the paper should also apologise, along with the Met commissioner, the DPP’s office and the main political parties. When the police did get around to prosecuting PIE leaders for conspiring to send indecent material through the post, a strange thing happened. Evidence comprised masses of obscene material, but by far the most active and viciously minded member of PIE – one Mr Henderson – was never prosecuted nor produced as a witness. Who was this hideous fellow? After the convictions, a conscience-stricken member of the prosecution called Private Eye to say they had been ordered from the very top to perjure themselves over “Mr Henderson” – who was, in fact, Sir Peter Hayman, long-time deputy director of MI6.

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