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    The Canberra Times – Thursday 19 March 1981
    Knight named in paedophile case in Britain

    LONDON, Wednesday (AAP). – The retired diplomat referred to in a recent child sex case in Britain has been named as Sir Peter Hay man, 66, who was the British High Commissioner in Canada from 1970 to 1974.

    The Times reported today that Sir Peter was named in two questions tabled in the House of Commons by Conservative MP Mr Geoffrey Dickens.

    Mr Dickens decided to table the questions under parliamentary privilege, against the advice of the Attorney General, Sir Michael Havers, who had appealed to him on the grounds that someone who had not been prosecuted for an offence should not be named, unless there was a compelling reason to
    do so.

    Reference was made to a diplomat during the trial of Mr Tom O’Carroll, who was chairman of the Paedophile Information Exchange which tried to promote sex between adults and children, and who was eventually sentenced to two years imprisonment for conspiring to corrupt public morals. Two other people were acquitted, and no charge was brought against the diplomat, who was referred to as a “senior civil servant”.

    The diplomat’s diaries, found when police raided his flat in 1978, contained pornographic fantasies. However, extensive police inquiries failed to find any evidence that the man had had any sexual experience with children. He was thought to fantasise about them, and get excitement through writing letters to others about his activities. The police raid netted 78 diaries, covering several years of activities, along with pictures of women and letters from people allegedly involved in paedophilia.

    Mr Dickens said police and other observers at the obscenity trial had been absolutely staggered when the diplomat referred to had not been charged as a result of what was found at his flat. He had been a contributing member of the Paedophile Information Exchange.

    Sir Peter and Lady Hayman live at the edge of the Oxfordshire village of Checkendon, where they have both taken part in community affairs. The couple have been noted for their help at fetes, and were noted for their cocktail parties.

    Sir Peter had been vice-chairman of the Checkendon branch of the Conservative Party until he resigned last month, saying it was time someone else took over.

    The couple worshipped at the local Anglican church, where Sir Peter is a sidesman and his wife is a member of the parish church council.

    In 1979, Sir Peter reached the semi-finals of the BBC television program ‘Mastermind’, where his specialist subjects were the marshals of Napoleon, and the life of King George V. He also once worked on a committee for the Save the Children Fund.

    He was a governor of International Students House, a trust which provides facilities for overseas students, from 1975.

    Mr Anthony Shaw, director of the house, said it was obvious that Sir Peter, who resigned in December, had done so to avoid embarrassing the organisation.

    “He was one of more than 30 governors, but you can see the smear – being in charge of young boys and girls”, he said.

    Sir Peter is still a member of the MCC, the Army and Navy and the Travellers’ Club.

    At the Travellers’ Club in Pall Mall, a spokesman said, “Unfortunately, I have to tell you he is still a member. We went through all this with the Anthony Blunt case, you know”.

    Mr Blunt, a former art adviser to the Queen, was exposed as a spy for the Soviet Union.

    It was that case that gave rise to Mr Dickens’s fears of a security risk in Sir Peter Hayman’s case.

    Mr Dickens thinks that Sir Peter’s diaries could have been used for black mail.

    Sir Peter occupied a chain of top security jobs.

    From 1964 to 1966 he was Deputy Commandant in the British Military Government of West Berlin. In the 1950s he served on the British delegation to NATO and in 1949 he was personal assistant to the Chief Staff Officer to the Minister for Defence. He was knighted in 1971.

    At present Sir Peter and Lady Hayman are touring in Europe.

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