1. Kate MacDonald said:


    BRITTAN IS READY TO TAME THE PERVERTS (Daily Star, 2nd September 1983)

    Home Secretary Leon Brittan is considering criminal charges against members of the PIE, the child-sex group.
    Prime targets are the evil men at the top – the 12-strong executive committee of the Paedophile Information Exchange, which writes and distributes the group’s magazine.
    Other members involved in organisation could also face charges.
    Mr Brittan condemned PIE’s activities when he made a statement announcing a new drive against child-molesters.
    He declared: “I find their views utterly repugnant, as do the vast majority of people in this country. Society rightly expects the criminal law in this field to be strong and effective.”
    Mr. Brittan added: “There is a possibility of prosecution against individual members of this organisation.”
    He said he could not comment on calls to ban PIE, or strengthen the law while charges were being considered.
    A decision on prosecution is expected next week.
    Mr. Brittan also announced new Government action to combat the increasing number of sex attacks on young children.
    Chief Constables have been asked to pool the experience of their forces in investigating sex crimes.
    Home Office officials have been ordered to work with the police in stepping up efforts to warn children and parents about the risks of attacks.

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