1. Kate MacDonald said:


    PIE LINK WITH RIGHTS GROUP (Daily Star, 2nd September 1983)

    A new child sex row erupted last night, when the respected National Council for Civil Liberties admitted they back at least part of the main aims of PIE.
    The evil organisation has even been allowed to affiliate with the NCCL which receives grants from bodies like the GLC.
    Since the two joined forces the NCCL has decided that sex between children as young as 10 and adults should not be automatically illegal.
    PIE’s tie-up with the NCCL was exposed by campaigning headmaster Mr. Charles Oxley, who posed as a pervert to infiltrate PIE.
    Mr. Oxley, who runs two private schools, in Merseyside and Scotland, said: “It’s important people should know of this connection.”
    NCCL legal officer Marie Staunton confirmed: “PIE is affiliated to us.
    “It pays us an annual fee, is allowed to send delegates to our annual meetings, and at those AGMs is entitled to help formulate NCCL rules and policy.”

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