1. Kate MacDonald said:


    ‘CURB CHILD SEX’ BID (Sunday Mirror, 28th August 1983)

    Urgent Home Office talks to consider a crackdown on child sex abuse have been called by Home Secretary Leon Brittan.
    High on the agenda this week will be possible action against the child-sex campaigners of the Paedophile Information Exchange.
    Mr. Brittan will also hear reports on the hunt for three sex beasts who attached a six-year-old Brighton boy two weeks ago. Police will quiz 60 British holidaymakers when they arrived back at Newhaven ferry port in Sussex today.
    They were in cars which crossed to France on the ferry which sailed two hours after the attack.

  2. Kate MacDonald said:


    CHILD SEX AND A VIP (Sunday Mirror, 28th August 1983)

    A child-porn dealer told yesterday about his best customer—a leading political figure.
    Deny(?) Webster, 44, said the well-known politician was a member of the notorious Paedophile Information Exchange—the evil group which want sex with children legalised. He claimed his VIP customer openly boasted about his young “conquests”.
    He said: “If his family and supporters knew about his sordid secret life they would be disgusted and horrified.
    “He demanded really obscene material from me—it was repulsive.”
    During a West End probe into paedophiles, police obtained a video picture of the politician in a Scout uniform.
    The picture—taken through the window of a flat—was destroyed when they failed to obtain any evidence of homosexual acts with under-age boys.
    Mr. Webster, whose clients included vicars, businessmen and an Army officer, has now quit the porn business.
    He said: “I regret my dealings with the politician and the other child sex perverts. I just want to help smash PIE.”
    He has even offered to talk to Scotland Yard, who have just compiled a PIE dossier.
    His political customer first visited him in response to an advert offering hard core porn.
    Mr. Webster, who lives near Torquay, Devon, said: “He was only interested in material containing children under seven. When he inspected it at my home he was drooling over it—it was sickening.”
    Mr. Webster added: “He wanted the sort of sordid stuff that would make normal people physically sick. I told him I just couldn’t supply it.”

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