1. What was curious about Smith absconding to Amsterdam was that the press all seemed to know where he had gone to which was Spartacus HQ, they even turned up on their doorstep and asked to speak to Smith , therefore if they already knew about Spartacus at that point, then why did they not connect Elm Guest House with Spartacus? After all it was mentionec on the sign there
    Ive found that aspect a bit puzzling .

    Also since Steven Smith was running a child ‘ porn’ ( abuse ) racket from Home Office , then
    it seems clear to me that his fellow PIE member and catford redident like himself was attempting to kidnap and abduct children from Orchard Lodge secure unit in Anerley for that purpose and given that Daniel Swales had taken up a post at Orchard Lodge in 1983 it suggests this was well organised
    I also want to pose another question with regard to Wanless Report where Wanless for some strange reason claims that Steven Smith never worked at Home Office but another govt department !
    This is absurd as even Smith mentions that he worked at Home Office and even points out that PIE had offices nearby
    What is also curious is that Wanless in this statement for some reason refers to ” The Brighton Assault ” case.
    And that is peculiar because again Ralph Alden was interviewed for that very case , was Wanless trying to tell us something ?
    Also was Brighton case known as The Brighton Assault in the newspapers or police, I think it was called Brighton Beasts
    The only other place where it is referred to as Brighton Assault is in Spartacus PAN of all places , most strange

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