The PIE Manifesto

This document was written by Keith Hose, and sets out the Paedophile Information Exchange’s proposals for changes to the law on sex offences involving children. It was sent to the Home Office, and also sold at the Campaign for Homosexual Equality’s conferences for 50 pence.

This document would have been read by members of all organistaions that were affiliated to PIE, including the National Council for Civil Liberties (NCCL). This means that Harriet Harman, Jack Dromey, Patricia Hewitt, Henry Hodge and others at the NCCL would have been fully aware of PIE’s evil intentions, and chose to affiliate themselves with them anyway.

It’s essentially a paedophile’s charter, taking the police out of the equation and allowing paedophiles to abuse children as young as 4 years old, unless the abuse “resulted in clinically demonstrable mental or physical harm”.

The Guardian still use former PIE chairman Tom O’Carroll as a contact to this day, and Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger met with O’Carroll before publishing Jon Henley’s deeply sinister article ‘Paedophilia: bringing dark desires to light‘ in January, which repeated PIE’s lies about child sexual abuse causing no harm.


  1. chess said:

    I don’t know how you get hold of these docs but am sure glad that you do! I wonder if Harriet Harman, Jack Dromey, Patricia Hewitt, Henry Hodge and others at the NCCL still have their copies of the Manifesto. They might need reminding.

    Similarly Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger and Jon Henley (Paedophilia: bringing dark desires to light‘ in The Guardian in January).
    How weird these human beings must be, how psychologically skewed.

    • murunbuch said:

      Yes, the copy I have was bought at a CHE conference in the 70s.

  2. Liz Davies said:

    Paidika was a paedophile magazine published in Holland. In 1993,it published an interview with Dr Ralph Underwager who had provided ‘expert’ evidence to the Cleveland Inquiry in 1987 as a US psychologist in relation to questioning the reliability of children’s testimony. In the Paidika article he said ‘ Paedophiles need to become more positive and make the claim that paedophilia is an acceptable expression of God’s will for love and unity among human beings’ .

    • @liz davies thanks for that, thats a bizarre and twisted view..i am trying to find archived bacl copies of these ‘publications.. atm.. btw theres a speccie obit of peter campbell of CGHE written b mathew parris..of which a poem parris adds..its about not knowing who someone is. the author of poem was a known ‘boy lover’..was parris being cryptic there? very odd indeed. i’d also like to add that someone posted of the needleblog claiming that carol kaisir was just grabbing at any well known tory mp bt naming X to ‘big up’ her hit list.
      i dont dont why that was posted or the identity of the poster..but to me there are strange forces floating about thats fer sure..and why oh why in a letter (doc proof) would bottomley threaten ppl on phone re ”attack dogs”..
      if kaisir was just trying to cause trouble…

  3. btw did anyone know that are blocking blog sites? i wanted to read stuff on this subject at occupythebanks blog site and found have blocked it claiming its an ‘adult’ site –which it isnt..censorship is here in the UK folks..

  4. chess said:

    Aren’t we allowed to view adult sites then? Off to look up this 3 outfit!

  5. chess said:

    Ah, I see now, I still have a mobile tel the size of a brick with a wind up handle and a long aerial….so won’t be affected. Cheek though, ain’t it?

    • yes it is, tom pride got hit with it, ironic as tom had written a blog about chinese billionaire who surprise surprise is biggest shareholder in why political blogs being targetted in talks and free speech silenced…

  6. i didnt know that chris spivey had exposed this, all the same it shows what P.I.E were publishing..

    Magpie: The journal of P.I.E issue 11 May 1978

    written by’ la gazza ladra’ (the theiving magpie) (rossini)

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    This docement was written by keith Hose and sets out the Paedophile Information Exchange’s proposals, please read & share widely….comments are worth checking, and this site and some others linked, are sharing alot of info, to see the bigger picture UK, and disallow more coverups……..and Join The Dots

    • @crossofchange i posted chris spiveys publishing of copy of PIE magazine if you are interested..or can stomach it..

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    Another vitally important document on PIE, as blogged by @murunbuch on the Spotlight blog.

    • @MURUN and all.

      Does anyone know ?

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