Tim Tate on the making of the Franklin Scandal documentary Conspiracy of Silence

Many thanks to Tim Tate for contributing this piece about the making of his documentary about the Franklin Scandal, Conspiracy of Silence. Although the film was never shown on television, a rough edit is available on YouTube. If you have any questions for Tim, please leave them in the comments and he will try to answer them.

It took many weeks to find Troy Boner. For almost 20 years I have asked myself whether he would still be alive if I hadn’t.

At the start of 1993 I was a producer in Yorkshire Television’s documentaries department.  That office was a remarkable place: it was filled with some of the most talented factual film directors and producers Britain has ever produced.   It had been responsible for ground-breaking documentaries which led, ultimately, to the release of the Guildford 4, the exposure of asbetos-related mesolthelioma, and a true understanding of the Mai Lai massacre in Vietnam.

It was a quiet place, that office: serious and informed by two overriding principles – is this a film which should be made and, just as importantly, will I put those who help make it at any risk ?

I was then just finishing the first full-length documentary investigating the Chinese government’s appalling “Laogai” network of prison-slave Gulags. For the record, I had been an investigative journalist and producer for more than a decade but the head of YTV’s documentaries department saw – rightly – that I had much to learn about the art of film-making: I was hired as a producer, and set to work with truly talented documentaries directors.

At the time, Yorkshire Television made a network ITV series called “First Tuesday”: 12 1 hour films every year., guaranteeing enough money to invest in serious journalism and documentaries. Simply put, this was the best place, anywhere in the world, to make documentaries: First Tuesday films put the BBC and the rest of ITV to shame.   I had been a latecomer to the department, having previously worked with Roger Cook on radio and on ITV’s The Cook Report, as well as working as an independent producer.

The Laogai film was one of the last First Tuesday documentaries ITV would broadcast (despite it winning – as had countless other First Tuesday films – a major international award, and being sold around the world.)  ITV was changing its very structure and First Tuesday was replaced by a new monthly documentary strand, not ring-fenced to Yorkshire Television.

Yorkshire reacted well to the loss: it signed a deal with the Discovery Channel which essentially transferred the ‘brand’ to Discovery’s American and European networks. “First Tuesday On Discovery” was born.   The contract called for 13 films – each of one hour – in 1994, with others to follow in the years after.

The commissioning editor for Discovery was a sharp and highly-focussed woman called Tomi Landis. She met with the team at Yorkshire TV’s Leeds studios in mid-1993: each of us was to pitch her an idea which would be good for the new strand.  I pitched Conspiracy of Silence.

I had been alerted to the story by a freelance journalist in Los Angeles who I had met on an independent documentary I had previously made (for Channel 4) about the assassination of Bobby Kennedy. Andy Boehm had done some work on that story and we had struck up a friendship during the Kennedy filming.   He had also written about the abuse and prostitution of children in – and from – Boys Town in Nebraska all the way to the steps of the Capitol in Washington DC. One key fact stood out: a young woman, Alisha Owens, had recently been sentenced to a jail terms of between 9 and 27 years for naming her alleged abuser in court. Andy thought it merited further investigation: so did I.

Tomi Landis’ reaction to my pitch was electric and immediate. “it’s got everything – it’s got politics, it’s got pedophilia – it’s just perfect.” The film was commissioned immediately – the only one to be given the green-light in that first meeting.

In the summer of 1993, Andy Boehm (hired as a researcher), YTV director Nick Gray and I arrived in Lincoln, Nebraska.  We spent weeks tracking down and talking to all those with knowledge of the story. Lawyer John De Camp was the first and key port of call; abuse victim (also De Camp’s client) Paul Bonacci was vital.   But the vital missing piece of the jigsaw was Troy Boner.

We need – for those who don’t know the story – to back track a moment.

Boys Town – situated in the heart of Nebraska, itself the heart of the United States – has been America’s favourite (Catholic) charity since it was immortalised in a Hollywood movie starring Spencer Tracy.  The oft-played pop hit “He Ain’t Heavy” owes its title to a statue in the centre of Boys Town: it shows a boy carrying another on his shoulders with the carved legend “He ain’t heavy, Father, he’s m’brother”. It’s not just a home for deprived or at risk youth, but an incorporated town and indeed a diocese in its own right.

In the late 1980s young boys and girls in Boys Town tried to disclose that they were being sexually abused and prostituted by one of Nebraska’s most prominent figures. Larry King was, in fact, the rising black star in the Republic Party nationwide. Ostensibly the manager of a relatively small credit union in Omaha, Nebraska, he was the Republicans’ answer to the (then) perceived Democratic threat of black politicians like Andrew Jackson. King was handed the high-profile slot singing the National Anthem at the Republican National Convention in 1988.

But according to teenagers in Boys Town (where he was a frequent visitor) King was also a sexual predator who abused and pimped them at parties to which they were taken. More troubling still (as if that wasn’t enough) some of these boys and girls  had reported being flown to Washington DC and prostituted at parties held in King’s house on the city’s exclusive ‘Embassy Row’. They had claimed that politicians from both parties had been present.

By the time we arrived Nebraska several years had passed since those first disclosures. An official State government enquiry had been launched and the young people had given recorded video interviews to the investigator retained by the State and given sworn testimony to a Grand Jury.   But they had all disappeared: despite wearing out shoe leather all over Nebraska and beyond I simply could not find them.

However, three new – and subsequent – young people had also given video-recorded testimony to the investigator:   each were vulnerable youth from Nebraska and each described not just the perverting of under-age children in Boys Town, but the abuse of Boys Town youth and themselves by rich and powerful people at parties generally hosted by Larry King. Their names were Alisha Owens, Paul Bonacci – and Troy Boner.

Bonacci talked fluently and extensively. Owens was on bail, awaiting an appeal (ultimately unsuccessful) against her sentence for naming in court the man she claimed had been her principle abuser: as such she could not speak on the record.  Boner, though, was the key.

Troy Boner was then around 20; his story – as told to the Nebraska State investigator and in Grand Jury testimony – was that he had been sexually abused at parties hosted by Larry King and others. Crucially, he corroborated the testimony of Alisha Owens and Paul Bonacci. But Tory was also a chronic drug addict – heroin and crack cocaine (both of which he claimed to have been introduced to at the sex parties) controlled his life. And at some point in 1991 – or thereabouts – he had been picked up by the FBI and, he said threatened with a lengthy jail spell if he didn’t recant his testimony. He duly did.

I have worked child abuse cases –  in the US, the UK and elsewhere – for many years. I have made films, written books, and interviewed victims and perpetrators alike: in almost every case I have heard claims that some branch of law enforcement has leant on an alleged witness to ‘forget’ what they claim to have been or heard.  And so I viewed Boner’s reported claim with some suspicion.

However, I was also given transcripts of all the Grand Jury testimony (which are meant to be secret and never revealed) and – most importantly an audio tape recording of Troy Boner, made by the FBI (the agent identified himself) in which he telephoned Alisha Owens and plainly attempted to entrap her into recanting her testimony.  It made finding him even more essential.

When I did finally run him to ground, Troy Boner was scared. No: he was terrified. He was also strung out.   It took only a few minutes before he volunteered that he had originally told the truth about the abuse, but that he had been co-erced into retracting this by the FBI. He wanted to know if I could keep him safe if he came clean and re-canted his recantation.

It’s a question I have been asked many times.  And the short, honest answer is “no”.   The longer answer is – as I explained to Troy – that once a film is broadcast there is very little sense in anyone targeting or persecuting someone who has given testimony in it: the best safety lies in being visible.

It would take many more weeks of meetings – with Troy, his mother and his siblings (who clearly worshipped him) – before he agreed to be filmed.  His interview was lucid and brutally honest about his abuse, his drug use, his involvement with the FBI and his own responsibility for being part of the abuse of others.

We left Nebraska before autumn came, knowing that we would have to return within a few months. At my prompting, Troy had agreed to give a sworn statement to John DeCamp and to appear as a witness at Alisha Owens’ appeal hearing the following February.

In those days we shot everything on 16mm film (Yorkshire Television was one of the last of the big production companies to do so): I had to get dozens of cans of film back to the safety of England for processing: along with them I had half a room full of Grand Jury documents.  I needed to work through each and every page in the quiet of my office – and being caught with them in the US would ensure a mandatory arrest and inescapable conviction (Grand Jury testimony is secret and it is a federal offence to reveal it). I agreed to keep in touch will all the interviewees – including Troy and Paul Bonacci – in the months we would be away.

We went back in February 1994. I had spent the intervening months immersed in the Grand Jury documents.  All of the testimony confirmed everything said on film by our witnesses. Troy, though, had disappeared: I had several phone calls with his worried mother before we arrived: she spoke of his debilitating fear of the FBI and his increasing problems with drugs.

The Owens appeal was set down for hearing in the courthouse in Wahoo, Nebraska, 30 miles south of Omaha.   In the days leading up to it DeCamp was frantically trying to get hold of Troy: the young man was his star witness whose testimony should have stopped Alisha being returned to jail.  When the two finally spoke, Troy promised to be at the hearing.

There was a snowstorm on the day of the hearing. Our film captured DeCamp in the middle of a complete white-out trying to reach Troy on his cellphone. He failed.  There was no sign of Troy Boner and the hearing was adjourned.

We filmed new interviews with all the participants and arranged to take deCamp and Bonacci to Washington DC.  The young man wanted to show us where he had been taken for Larry King’s sex parties. But before then, Troy called and asked if I could arrange for him to take a lie-detector test. He wanted, he said, to prove that he was telling the truth about the abuse he had suffered.

I was, I admit, uneasy. Polygraphs aren’t admissible in the UK (though they can be in the US) – not least because they can be unreliable and depend heavily on the subject’s state of mind.   Reluctantly I agreed: I arranged for Troy and all of the film crew to fly to Chicago, where one of America’s most respected polygraph experts was based.

In the 24 hours before we flew, we made the last of many attempts to get the identified abusers and the FBI to give us interviews.  None agreed.  It became plain that during the course of the day we were being followed – and not terribly subtly.   The same (unmarked cars) were with us wherever we drove that day.

In Chicago, the polygraph turned out much as I had feared. Troy neither passed nor failed outright: the best the examiner could tell us was that the outcome was “inconclusive” – the result, he suspected of Troy’s chronic drug dependency.  I put the young man back on the plane and we headed on to Washington DC.

Bonacci and DeCamp met us there: Paul took us – unprompted by any of the crew – to Embassy Row and pointed out (accurately) Larry King;s house.  He described in painful detail what had happened there.  He also identified by name the call-boy ring with which he claimed King was associated. Across town we met and filmed a DC political journalist who had broken the story of exactly this ring of paedophile abusers: strangely the records – seized by the FBI – which showed the names of clients had been sealed by court order.   What had emerged was that several of the clients were politicians – just as Bonacci, Owens and Boner had alleged.

By the time we got back to Leeds we had miles of film and a treasure trove of documents.   We began a three-month post-production – or editing – process. Since everything was on 16mm film, the process was laborious and involved physically cutting strips of celluloid. After 8 weeks we had a rough cut: we transferred it to VHS (the standard viewing format in those days) and sent it to Yorkshire Television’s external lawyers, Goodman Derrick.

As producer it was my job to clear the film legally.  I spent hours with the lawyers working through each allegation and each sequence in the rough cut.   Eventually Goodman Derrick issued a formal legal clearance.

British libel law is probably the strictest in the free world – certainly much more repressive than its US counterpart.  Nonetheless, because Yorkshire TV’s contract with Discovery placed the burden of legal clearance with us, I repeated the process with a highly-respected firm of New York libel lawyers.  It, too, cleared the film for transmission.

We also sent the rough-cut to Discovery and, pending their thoughts, progressed to the next – fine cut – stage of polishing the sequences and bringing in archive footage. I was in the edit suite when the director, Nick Gray (an award-winning film-maker) walked in and told me Discovery was pulling the programme. He was furious.

The only explanation we ever got from Discovery was that – and I quote – “we seem to have gotten into an investigative area inconsistent with the Discovery mission statement”.   No mention of the initial enthusiasm for the film (It’s got politics, it’s got pedophilia …”).

A deal was cut with Yorkshire Television by which Discovery picked up the tab for the film – approximately $250,000 – and handed the rights to it back to Yorkshire on the strict proviso that no mention was ever to be made of Discovery’s previous involvement. Since the film had been in Discovery’s published schedule, this seemed absurd.

I tried immediately to get in touch with everyone in the film. The only person I couldn’t reach was Troy Boner. I never managed to speak with him.

To tie up loose ends. Yorkshire Television never sold the rights to the film to any other broadcaster – hardly surprising given its entirely US-centric content. It continued to have a relationship with Discovery and I made a subsequent film for First Tuesday on Discovery which went on to win the network a coveted award.

John DeCamp continued to represent Alisha Owen and Paul Bonacci. The former went back to prison; the latter won – albeit briefly – legal compensation for what he had endured. Larry King – the alleged mastermind of the child sex abuse ring – was jailed for embezzling the credit union funds. No other named and identified alleged abusers were, to my knowledge, brought to court.

And Troy Boner? He disappeared. My promise to him that the broadcast would protect him had plainly failed to materialise. Ten years later he died in largely unexplained circumstances in New Mexico. And if you want the truth, I blame myself.

Did Troy die from his addiction or – as he predicted – at someone else’s hand ? I can’t tell you. His wasn’t the only unexplained death: Nebraska State Investigator Gary Caradori had died, along with his young son, in a puzzling light aircraft accident. Co-incidence ? I simply don’t know. Just as I don’t know what happened to the original Boys Town complainants who had disappeared by the time I arrived in Nebraska.

What I do know is that secrecy and concealment lets down those who have been abused. Throughout this story much -too much – was sealed, concealed or dispersed. The losers are those who were abused as children. The winners ? I leave that to you.

  1. Liz Davies said:

    Thank you so much for this account – it’s very important to have put this on record and I know from experience how difficult it is to revisit these very painful times. Amongst your extensive and meticulous investigative work – films and publications – about the protection of children, you also produced an excellent programme about Cleveland which is very important now as there has been so much subsequent misinformation about it.

    I hope this blog will prompt the reading of Nick Bryant’s book on the same subject.

    • I’m just glad it’s of some use. I believe this site now has a copy of my Cleveland film and may put it up for others to view. Oddly, I (temporarily) lost my job for making that film …

  2. jamiedrumlake said:

    Reblogged this on Join The Dots Campaign and commented:
    Excellent piece from the maker of this very important and influential ‘banned’ documentary

  3. this is a very frightening affair that i am familia with and sounds like so many other stories of powerful people gaining influence by suppling young children to top people, saville in the uk, joris demmink in the netherlands, take your pic from the british establishment and then there is the royal thing in canada, seems this whole planet is infested with these sick f**ks..

  4. Anonymous Whistleblower said:

    I’ve watched “Conspiracy of Silence” and read Nick Bryant’s book. What leapt out at me was that Boys Town has the status of a diocese. Does this mean that one route towards accountability leads directly to Rome? What are the implications of this? It’s mind-boggling.

    • It’s an interesting thought. Certainly, Boys Town failed to act appropriately when abuse disclosures were made by those in its care. Potentially – and please remember that I’m not a lawyer – this could expose the Catholic Church to liability.

      • @TIM TATE when did you become aware that the FBI were complicit in the cover up?

      • I think that became very clear when I received the audio recording of Troy Boner attempting to entrap Alisha Owen into recanting her testimony. The tape begins with the FBI officer identifying himself and Troy: the phone then calls Ms Owens number and a clearly agitated Boner tries to persuade Owen to state that they had invented the entire story. Ms Owen was not made aware (on the tape) that she was being recorded. I could see – and still cannot see – any justification for the actions of the FBI in this tape: it somewhat starkly re-enforced Boner’s claims that he was being intimidated by the FBI into recanting his original testimony.

  5. murunbuch said:

    Tim – was there any evidence of non-US citizens present at Larry King’s Washington child abuse parties? Also, did you hear anything about Larry King’s parties being bugged for blackmail/intelligence purposes, as described in this interview with Nick Bryant? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cDcOelIkkyg

    • I never came across any evidence of non-US citizens at Larry King’s parties. As to the possibility of blackmail, if I recall correctly there was a genuine fear of the potential for this in relation to the Washington DC call boy network/parties. However, since all the records were sealed by the court it was difficult to take this further.

  6. thank you for the background on the making of this piece i have watched this item several times now…what is alarming is the FBI complicit in the cover up of this case,,to the degree where victims and witnesses were condemned and imprisoned..yes the extremely long sentence for ‘perjury’ even though alisha wasnt guilty of anything just stood out..this had all the hallmarks of sending a ‘clear warning’ to anyone so much as complaining about king and his ‘friends’ in high places..terrible and frightening..why was the documantary pulled was it under pressure from powers that be? even from USA despite it being a british production..

  7. Bishop Brightly said:

    Land of the free my arse.

    And it happens here as well. Paedophilia is part of the establishments power play.

    That is why Leon Brittan will never be arrested.

  8. thank you for your courage and dedication never giving up on getting the story out. this is the spirit that will come through in the end and finally break the stories that will finally bring this shameful conspiracy to light.

  9. I apologise for remaining anonymous for the time being .I am the source of Tom Watson's PMQ on 24th Oct said:

    I totally endorse Diane’s sentiments
    Tim must stop feeling guilty immediately over what happened to Troy Boner
    Tim has done and is continuing to do remarkable work despite the efforts of those with very sinister motives to derail him. Those of us who know him have never doubted either his credibility or his expertise
    Tim. The only people who were responsible for Troy’s death were the powerful elite and their henchmen . You were powerless to do
    anything differently
    As with Liz Davies and many others of us who had our careers derailed or ruined for merely attempting to investigate child sexual abuse or expose powerful paedophile rings the time is right now to right many wrongs.
    However much anguish and personal grief any professional ( police officer, social worker, investigative journalist etc etc ) has suffered in the last 30 years, it pales in to insignificance compared to the suffering and pain experienced by victims/survivors
    We owe it to them to persevere now and get the truth out
    With a determined MP at the helm,several Police investigations on the go at once,the strength of social media sites,the support and commitment of voluntary victim support agencies and many committed journalists hovering in the right places, we have to believe it will happen
    Many more abused children,now adults need to be encouraged to come forward

    • I’m very touched by this. Thank you.


      • Wayne Garsky said:

        Tim,I only just saw this article left a comment,then reread all saw this above comment
        and so..I know I am glad this information is been out and so many of us ‘kids’ from Boys town
        who were on our own difficult paths there appreciate persons such as you for the push for the truth,and the unwavering to shed light into the shadows.

      • La said:

        Thank you. Your film opened my eyes to what is actually happening ( or has been happening all along) in the US. Your work prompted me to read John Decamp’s book which in turn led me to Nick Bryant’s as well. I then looked for other such exposes and found a documentary on the horrid pedophile from Belgium, and info on the “Finders” cult(?), etc.. Those who remain in denial… willfully remain ignorant. The evidence is overwhelming and readily available to anyone who is concerned (shame on those who aren’t). The US Press is worthless (journalism is dead in America as far as the mainstream media goes and has been dead for decades… I think by design). The very agencies (of whom I used to respect) that should be protecting the weak are nothing but “enforcers”, “enablers”, and culpable in the crimes. Children are a disposable commodity to very powerful perverts in the US and around the world. As far as Troy Boner’s questionable death goes… he began to die when he attempted to save his own neck by capitulating to evil (though I understand he was under tremendous pressure). That moment they “owned” him for life. There is a saying goes something like this ” The coward dies a thousand deaths… The Brave die but once.”

  10. Wayne said:

    “By the time we got back to Leeds we had miles of film and a treasure trove of documents.”

    Is this still out there somewhere? Can it be made publicly available?

    • The last time I worked at Yorkshire Television (now re-branded as ITV Yorkshire) was in 2007. To the best of my knowledge all the cans of film ‘rushes’ were still there in storage. All the documents (including the Grand Jury testimony) has, I fear been destroyed.


  11. CHADEN said:

    I just purchased and have started reading John DeCamp’s The Franklin Cover-up. I am from Omaha, NE and was a teenager during this time, so I don’t recall ever hearing about this. I came across the story very recently. Needless to say, I’ve been obsessed about it ever since, and just want to find out as much information as possible. Does anyone know if it was ever revealed as to who Alisha’s baby’s father turned out to be? Is it who she thought it was? I believe her baby was to have had bloodwork done to determine the father. I’m sure if it turned out to be who she named, it would have been covered up due to the Official position this person was in, and it would have proven that she was telling the truth. Paul Bonacci’s account of events has haunted me, and I hope and pray for Justice for all of these innocent children that were affected by this horrific tragedy!!!

    • @murun i just watched ‘secret life of a paedophile’ again..in it it states that righton was PIE member and his sidekick napier treasurer..dammit that means you can connect Righton to Elm Guest house…Righton->PIE->Spartacus->Elm Guest House->P Bottomley ( via V Bottomley patron of Righton charity)…

    • murunbuch said:

      Normally it’s fine commenting on the latest post, I’m just trying to keep this thread clear for comments to Tim…yes Conspiracy of Silence is shocking even on repeat viewings. Also worth reading Nick Bryant’s book ‘The Franklin Scandal’, the John DeCamp book s also worth reading but it’s pretty hard going.

  12. bloody hell righton had naked boy pics / books sent from holland..ie spartacus maybe?

  13. Wayne Garsky said:

    My name is Wayne,i was a young man in Boys town approximately 7years old turning 8 when i arrived,I and a few others had come forth after a gentlemen who was recording info for a story/book about abuse from an accused priest Father Kelly.
    Days only go by in my life when I think of my time in Boys town and always I come to the same thought as I was quoted, “I was 12 years old,and I was put in a place I thought was safe and it wasn’t safe.”
    So many persons believe,think that just because you wear a priest collar your above being human or any ill acts just the opposite as the church has proven on many an occasion,they moved the accused allot back in the day.As a child you place your whole being in the hands of adults or any in charge assuming without any real understanding your safe then when this is taken away,trust me your lost,afraid and inevitably messed up. As a result of coming forward then i received quite a few phone calls i was listed then from bizarre people some were supporting other were just plain horrid. I declined to be a witness of any kind out of pure fear and was later disappointed in my own decision.I sometimes wish i could gather the strength or forces to just get Boys town to be able to look back on the insanity of those mistakes and just admit it…I do thank a woman who was my house parent, I think she was suspicious of Kelly and did her best to keep him at bay,when she and i spoke of all this she told me how she was angry that he’d wanted face to face confessions with the kids in his apartment which was on campus, attached to what later name I believe was the police station,how funny.
    I have seen the documentary with a pounding heart knowing some of the names when i was their,mixed emotions and feeling helpless in step with the rest of the person flung into the hell that could be Boys town.
    Wow i wrote allot here sooo Tim Tate thank you for your voice and vision for the truth.

    • chaden said:

      Wayne, no one can blame you for not coming forward at that time especially considering the intimidation & harassment the other victim/witnesses had to endure. It is, unfortunately, unlikely to have changed the outcome if you had. I think that by sharing your story & input now is the best way to help, and keep the truth alive. Maybe those that are responsible will not be held accountable on this earth, but they can’t hide from the truth, and they will meet their maker someday. I am so sorry for the unspeakable abuse you had to endure as a child. I hope you’ve found peace & healing

  14. Alex Schiller said:

    The recent Colin Peters story from the UK, which involved almost the exact same sordid recipe as The Franklin Scandal, reminded me very strongly of Yorkshire Television and the documentary ‘Conspiracy of Silence’. It was so uncanny to me that I even let the journalist from The Independent who broke the Colin Peters story, Paul Cahalan, know about Tim Tate and the similar sex scandals from Washington DC. Certainly, Tim could probably write an entire book about his work and this documentary, and likely will do so for his memoir.

    What he was not able to mention in the article is that the former director of the CIA, William Colby, went on camera for his film ‘Conspiracy of Silence’ to talk about his own investigation into The Franklin Scandal – specifically the murder of the Nebraska State Investigator Gary Caradori, who had obtained the smoking-gun picture evidence of prominent individuals engaged in underage sexual activity. This evidence was given to Caradori by the photographer for the Washington DC pedophile ring, Rusty Nelson. Colby was asked by the committee investigating Franklin, and by his close friend John DeCamp, to investigate the mysterious plane crash which killed Gary Caradori. Colby admitted that lethal force is used by intelligence agencies when people get too close to the truth. One is left with the conclusion that the types of damaging truth in question is associated with National Security. This gives credence to the notion that pedophile sex parties are only half the story at play here.

    The very fact that William Colby himself died under very mysterious circumstances some 10 years after his interview for ‘Conspiracy of Silence’ will illustrate how shady things are in the United States of America. Just what has been going on in covert groups that operate above the law and disconnected from government oversight? Is this related to the warning that President Eisenhower gave to the world when he mentioned the dangers of the monopoly of power and control from the “Military Industrial Complex”? A recent documentary called ‘Sirius’, which details other controversial aspects of military secrecy as it relates to weapons manufacturing and top secret technologies, used the audio clip from Tim Tate’s ‘Conspiracy of Silence’ of William Colby. It appears as though Colby was engaged in an effort to disclose the truth about many nefarious and covert activities and was part of a core group of what could be considered “defectors” in the last years of his life. He is alleged to have been working closely with a group called The Disclosure Project the very same week that he went missing and was found dead in the Potomac River.

    I submit to the reader that both aspects of this corruption is entirely related and at play. The blackmail of key politicians in Washington DC, involving underage sexual activity, as well as an entire spectrum of nefarious activities ranging from CIA-operated cocaine and heroin trafficking to covert operations involving above top secret technologies for the purposes of weapons manufacturing and monopolizing world power and geopolitics by keeping advanced energy generation technologies out of the public. Certainly, such topics have been made to sound like lunatic conspiracy theory, but I genuinely believe the implications of ‘Conspiracy of Silence’ are extremely profound and speak to the illegal activities of a shadow government which needs to be exposed and dismantled.

    • murunbuch said:

      Thanks Alex, you’re right about the similarities to the Colin Peters story. Peters is only one element of the Elm Guest House paedophile network, the truth is gradually coming out due to the current police investigation. You might also want to read about the Kincora and North Wales paedophile networks, both bear some resemblance to what happened with the Franklin scandal: children procured from children’s homes for VIPs, government suppression of the truth, intimidation of witnesses, blackmail, murder. Witnesses to the North Wales network were killed in a fire in 1992: https://spotlightonabuse.wordpress.com/2013/02/28/evening-standard-special-on-1992-brighton-fire-that-killed-5-people-28-7-98/

      • Alex Schiller said:

        Thanks so much for the information. You are running quite an impressive website and archive here. I am shocked at how much these types of situations are happening also in the UK. I am not sure how the world can address these issues…

    • Alex Schiller said:

      If Tim Tate is still checking these comments, I was curious to know any anecdotes he may have about his meeting with William Colby and what he thinks about intelligence involvement in both The Franklin Scandal and how it seems related to the recent UK scandals. Having a former CIA director go on camera for a documentary dealing with such controversial subjects is indeed very significant.

  15. A said:

    Please do not feel as if you in any way failed Troy. I guarantee you that he never felt that you and your crew did any thing but help. It is important that blame and responsibility are laid at the feet of those truly responsible. I would ask that you follow in the foot steps of those that tried so hard to see justice done. Peace and personal justice is knowing that you can get up in the morning and look at yourself in the mirror and know that you did the right thing, regardless of the consequences . Troy really wanted to be able to do that. You assisted with that endeavor and preserved his moment of justice for all time. Take responsibility for that, not for evil that you had part in or control.
    As Always,

  16. Denise Narciso said:

    Tim, You did your best and the victims trusted you to tell the truth. Which you did supurbly. I worry and suspect what we saw and heard then has impact today as evidenced by ineffectual government and politial parties. Who is in charge?
    There are those we should blame. I think those in law enforcement state & federal and the judicial system who allowed this injustice to continue should bear blame. I am thankful there is a higher judge than Judge Enbody. Mathew 18:7 “Woe unto the world because of offences, for it must needs be that the offences come, but woe to that man by whom the offence cometh”. I think he was that man by whom offence came. He wasn’t the person who commited the original crimes but the offence of untruth, injustice and continued oppression of the victim did come thru him and others in authority. The bible says “woe” unto that man. I have found in my old age that the bible can be quite on point; evil exists but woe to that man who allows it to come thru him (a Denise paraphrase). To “A”, I would love to see you again – I’ll call John and give him my number for you. Tim, thanks for coming to NE. I enjoyed knowing you and working with you.

  17. Owen said:

    In a 2003 Radio Free America interview with the mother of a 12 year old paperboy named Johnny Gosch, whom Paul Bonacci admitted to having helped kidnap, Noreen Gosch is asked about what happened to Alisha Owens and tells that “she recently was released from prison but is keeping a very low profile. She’s terribly scared since her brother was murdered as a warning to her to keep her mouth shut. She does not do any interviews. Her parents will not do interviews. They live in fear.”


    The reference to “Conspiracy of Silence” seems a bit confused.

  18. Jade Duncan said:

    So sad to hear troys died and so sad hearing aboyt all this I saw the programme today..not fair the victims were treated so disgustingly…least troysat peace now..wayne garsky and alisha and paul dont worry their day will come but your souls are Iin gods hands and you shall have gods love always. ..those beasts will be put down and put in hell to suffer forever

  19. Jade Duncan said:

    Tim did troy ever have kids of his own or happiness before he died do you know

  20. socialist said:

    I’m sorry but I am new to this area of research and I am trembling at the scale and similarity of each case from country to country. Tim’s film (to me) is traumatic and grotesque and sadly just one small nugget in a cesspool of what I am finding out is true evil, the likes of which I hoped didn’t exist.
    About ten years ago (eleven years, nine months and seven days to be precise) I found myself in rehab and during that time I heard many, many horrific stories about the abuse suffered by both sexes during their stays in care homes. So many wonderful, beautiful people left ravaged and broken by these evil…I don’t even know what to call these perpetrators, I’m no angel, truly, but to have so little regard for your fellow man that you would leave a vulnerable child with a lifelong broken spirit is hard for me to come to terms with. Indeed I found it so hard that post rehab I made a point of not thinking about it. That worked for ten(ish) years and then earlier tonight I watched Russell Brand talking about Leon Brittan which set off a chain of events that led me here, about seven hours later. I’m now making it my problem.
    I’m from the UK and how Westminster politics can proceed tomorrow without fully addressing the issues surrounding Leon Brittan is a scandal beyond compare, though the fawning eulogies afforded to him and the late Cyril Smith by their colleagues are probably indication enough of complicity. This complicity, in my honest opinion, is equal to the original crimes, They are disgusting and my opinion will not change until it is addressed head on.

    • There is a video on youtube about marc dutroux affair in fact a few now

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